We all have things we wish we could change about our homes and the rooms that we occupy. From larger kitchens to an open-plan living, expansive en-suites, and productive home offices, the way that modern homes are laid out and furnished is constantly evolving – with homeowners always on the lookout for the next trend and the latest big thing driving the property market.

But unless you consider yourself to be a serial property investor, owning and snapping up properties across all the most coveted locations and areas that you can rent out and manage, the very thought of buying a new property can be enough to tamper down your dreams and house goals. Not only is moving house arduous but it is becoming increasingly expensive with the rising cost of living and high-interest rates, not to mention the property prices themselves which are reaching new heights.

It’s at this point that extensions and renovations start to become more enticing and attractive – presenting homeowners with a way of achieving that extra space, bigger kitchen, or added bedroom without the exorbitant costs of moving. By funnelling those same funds into property improvements which will increase the value of the property and their life within it, homeowners can enjoy the same benefits but with much less upheaval and financial risk.

Here’s why we believe that extending and renovating is always going to be the best solution in terms of value, with an overview of some of the savings and the plethora of benefits that come with managing an extension to your existing home.

The most common problems associated with moving house

Whenever moving house is discussed or considered, there is no escaping the cost implications and the amount of time, energy, and stress this ignites.

Yes, renovating and extending your current property comes with its own considerable costs, however, these are largely reflected in the end result and are much more tangible in terms of the impact they have on your property and surroundings. By this, we mean that budgets are reflected in the quality of the end build and extension, rather than being used up in funding stamp duty, legal fees, and other costs associated with moving which can drain your budget before you achieve any of your property dreams or goals.  

The benefits of extending your current property

Sacrificing your life to an extension may mean a few weeks of upheaval, with builders and construction specialists moving into and around your home, however, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences in the long run.

You get to choose your own design features and finishes

Just like with any renovation project, when you conduct an extension on your current property you get to exercise control over what is done, and can truly build the home of your dreams – in line with the space available and your budget. While there are considerations you need to make around planning permission and what you realistically have the space to do, with an extension you can construct the kitchen you’ve always wanted and design a bathroom with just the right amount of space between the shower and the sink, combining the skills of your selected design team with your own ideas and vision.

Increase the value of your property   

There’s no escaping the fact that a property with more floorspace will become more valuable, with large open-plan living spaces, bigger kitchens, and extra bedrooms all contributing towards the selling points which make your property more coveted and viable in the modern marketplace. In addition to adding to the floorplan, if you factor in the modernisation of extending today, the chances are that your current property will be brought up to current standards in terms of what buyers are looking for, again bolstering the chances of your property selling for a good price as and when you do decide to move.

Flexibility in terms of structure and design

One of the major selling points of extending your property is the flexibility in terms of design and what you can add to the property – from a conservatory to an added loft space, basement, or extra section to the back or side of your house.

While there is no magic wand that can create more garden or outdoor space atop an existing plot, meaning that if you want more garden then you likely are facing a move rather than an extension, the versatility of modern build specialists like TN Design & Build is such that we can bring any idea or vision to life.

You get to stay at home!

And finally, what greater benefit to extending an existing property than the fact that you get to stay in the home you’ve built – adapting your current surroundings to your growing family’s needs rather than facing the upheaval of finding somewhere new to call home? Being able to stay in your existing home, in the neighbourhood you know and the community you are already a part of, is a benefit that shouldn’t be downplayed and is a big motivation for those considering an extension project rather than a move.

Looking to discuss an extension in 2023?

If extending your property is something you’ve got in mind for this year, TN Design & Build can offer everything from consultancy and advice to practical support in terms of the design and execution of the building project.

In an effort to curb unnecessary fees and ensure that clients are not stung with unexpected fees and costs, we are 100% transparent from day one and will always work with you to match your vision and ideas with our skills and experience. For more information and to discuss your project, get in touch today. 

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