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Shane Heaps
RIBA - ARB Senior Architect

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Shane Heaps architect

Ensuring that the architect you use is a member of The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and registered with the UK's Architects Registration Board (ARB) is a wise move.

This creates a requirement for an architect to work in your interests, whether employed by you, or your building company. Along with bringing your ideas to life, they must act with integrity.

Shane's affiliation to both organisations and extensive experience are reflected in the support he offers. A design focused individual, who strives to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Now a Walton-on-Thames based architect, Sean was previously in Weybridge and worked extensively throughout Surrey. His knowledge of the area and local authority practices is invaluable.

His projects include refurbishments, extensions, new home builds and whole site feasibility studies, for private clients, or developers. A reflection of Sean's ability to work with you at every stage.

A Logical Approach

Planning design meeting

An architect's approach should be matched to your needs. Following a proven structure still helps with efficiency and communication, we normally work to the RIBA 2020 plan for work stages:

  • RIBA Stage 0 - Feasibility
  • RIBA Stage 1 – Preparation & Brief
  • RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design
  • RIBA Stage 3 – Develop Design & Planning
  • RIBA Stage 4 – Technical Design
  • RIBA Stage 5 - Construction

Your architect remains available to offer advice during construction. There are further RIBA stages for handover and use, which TN Design manage in a helpful, professional way.

See more on how the stages assist, from ensuring good decisions at an early point, through to enjoying your new home:

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Tailored Support

Drawing of new home rear elevation

The principles of design, planning approval and meeting building regulations apply to most projects, from a spacious extension, to a new home. Shane supports you in these through a series of modules:

  • Schedule A: Planning/ Permitted Development
  • Schedule B: Drawings & Building Regulations
  • Schedule C: 3D Visualisation & Modelling
  • Schedule D: Detailed Project Cost Review

They are timed and tailored to your project, the elements you require costed in advance. An adaptable process, with architectural expertise at every step and your budget firmly in mind.

The schedules fit well with RIBA's work stage plan, ensuring everyone involved receives clear information and can maintain progress:

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Design Led Decisions

Building extension Walton-on-Thames

An architect needs to ensure practical requirements and building regulations are met, along with keeping to your budget. A systematic approach helps, although they can offer clients far more.

A home should be built, or adapted through meaningful design, which brings value and pleasure. Architecture can be the key to enhancing daily life, creating a place to uplift the spirit.

Shane's creativity and grasp of varied aesthetic styles brings together the practical and the desirable. Strenthened by his ability to communicate with clients and understand their viewpoint.

He helps people to envisage results in advance, through a range of 3D visualisation packages. They can be optional, depending on the build but good design never is and seeing this in place helps:

Visualisation & Modelling →

Making Ideas Reality

New Build CGI

TN's whole team take pride in their adaptability, throughout design and construction. Procedures at our Walton-on-Thames office are built around creating homes which reflect your personality.

The oversight of a good architect helps to ensure this, with their client's vision coming first. They use their skills to guide you along the way, overcome any barriers.

Transforming spaces deserves innovation and understanding, which is offered at each stage. An architect should collaborate with clients, rather than take over their project.

Being a design and build company is a pleasure, allowing us to offer a bespoke service. With a skilled architect at the heart of operations, transparency and effectiveness lead the way:

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