Adding Value To Your Home

Through Options Which Enhance Your Life

Meeting A Dual Purpose

Extending, or renovating a property can simply be about creating the home you want. There is no better reason, although whether changes add value needs to be considered.

A home is an asset and few of us wish to make choices that would leave us out of pocket if we decided to sell the property, even if this happens in the longer term.

We deal with structural, or decorative issues to enjoy our home and safeguard value. The same dual purpose should apply to adding space, or privacy, or household facilities.

Giving your garden a makeover can help, or a multitude of small improvements. There are equally opportunities for most homes to go further in adding value and pleasure.

Converting The Loft

A popular choice, as there is normally less major building work compared to creating new space, so the cost is lower. Even so, a loft conversion can add around 20% to a home’s value.

Your options are unrestricted, if space allows. A loft can be ideal for a home office, a teenage hideaway, an additional bedroom, perhaps with an en suite and dormers, or skylights.

The access your roof has to natural light is a great benefit if well used. Adding to the benefit of having the loft as separate living space, whatever use you choose.

There are considerations, such as head height, plumbing and a staircase. They are achievable in many homes and a good architect will help you to overcome any barriers.

Converting Your Garage

As long as you retain private parking space outside, converting your garage could add 15% to the value of your home. As with a loft, this uses existing space and can save cost.

Depending on the quality of the original build, a garage can require structural changes. These are normally manageable and a good conversion will blend seamlessly with your property.

You will have achieved additional space within the existing footprint. This could be for a new kitchen, a playroom, even an annexe if the garage is of sufficient size.

Easy access from the ground floor and from outside can fit with many requirements. Helping to achieve life needs and adding value plus wider appeal to your home.

Building An Extension

Simply changing a standard kitchen into a spacious kitchen diner through a side return extension can add 15% to the value of your home. Neither does an extension need to be single storey.

This can meet your needs, although a two storey extension adds space at a lower average cost. In a similar way to lofts, or garages, the second storey doesn’t need the same base work.

Thought and careful planning are required for any extension. They are not just space and can bring opportunities for an extra reception room, a utility room, or a bedroom.

Extensions can also bring light into a home beyond the space itself. Sound choices on roof lights, a partially glazed roof, or glass bifold doors can transform a property.

Ample Further Options

A less common but often viable alternative is to convert a cellar, again existing space. A home may also offer room for an en suite, or a utility area to separate household needs.

Removing walls, including supporting walls is often practical. This can allow replanning of unused circulation space, or an open plan lifestyle, a family focused space.

Not everything needs to be new if you prefer to highlight original features, such as beams, fireplaces, or mouldings. They can be subtly blended into fresh additions.

A driveway, or patio can be a pleasure and add value. Separate tasks if you wish, although incorporating them into wider improvement projects can make sense and reduce cost.

All Round Support

Adding real value to a home, or truly enjoying living in one is about quality of approach. This begins with sound planning and design skills, alongside a good choice of materials.

An architect will help with these aspects and often save cost. Their experience of working with local authorities will be an asset, to manage planning permission, or confirm this is not needed.

Your objective is to enjoy and add value to your home, not to be immersed in a stressful situation. Professional support helps to make the process efficient and seamless.

Above all, TN’s architect will be there to make your vision reality and your home a better place to fit with your lifestyle. Value matters but so does taking pleasure in where you live.