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To improve your home, or build from scratch

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'First Steps’ to working with TN Design & Build

As our name suggests, we support both the design and build aspects of your project. A proven approach, which is beneficial for you and helps our team, ensuring full control of the project from outset to completion.

We understand that deciding to extend, or refurbish your home, or build anew is a big commitment. Two decades of experience help our staff to guide you, through a process which is tailored to individual support.


A potential client can email us, or call a friendly member of our office team. They are there to advise, discuss your ideas and arrange an initial visit.


Tom Nicholls TN Design Owner

Generally within a week of your enquiry, Tom Nicholls, the owner of TN Design, will make a home/site visit. He will normally be accompanied by our architect, Shane Heaps.

They will give all the time needed to ensure a full understanding of what you want to achieve. In practical terms and how this relates to your life, building projects are personal.

Following the consultation, you are welcome to contact us to discuss any points. Our architect may arrange a further visit, to firm up your brief and ensure every detail is included.


Design proposal documents

After the consultation stage, your architect will provide a design fee proposal for you to agree. This can include different stages, from concept design, to planning, or building regulations.

Understanding the process an architect follows helps to clarify the path building projects follow. You can see more details on:

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Once a client agrees to the design fee, your architect will visit to conduct a full measured survey. This provides information for drawings, a location plan and developing the brief.

Concept designs may be produced for you to consider, either in normal plan, or 3D. Materials and finishes you prefer can be reviewed, or layout needs, this is at all stages your project.


3D room layout

Based on information to date and your specification, proposal drawings will be created. To be agreed by you and submitted to the local authority. Any adjustments required can still be incorporated.


Once you are happy with the proposal, this can be submitted for planning/permitted development approval. Advice is given at every stage, including any need to deal with possible sticking points.

You should bear in mind that full planning can take 8-10 weeks, or more in some cases. This will not mean your project is forgotten during this period, with plenty of opportunity to move forward.


Fixtures in redesigned kitchen

Whilst waiting for planning, we can point you in the direction of our preferred suppliers for interior fixtures and fittings, including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and much more.

Your architect can create a 3D internal model of the property, to assist with decisions. They will start giving thought to final drawings for the construction team and to building regulations.

If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss your ideas, or have questions, a TN Design team member will be pleased to help:

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