Building Design Services

From making a vision real, to technical input

Architectural Design

Architecture design meeting

A building project springs from your ideas. Our team are here to work with you and turn them into reality, with the support of a good architect often valuable.

Design skills are part of their profession, particularly if you find an architect with the right focus. One who has a complete technical grasp and an ability to visualise the future.

We are fortunate in having an in house architect with those skills, who can help to guide you through a project, from concept, to meeting regulations, to creating a home.

This page gives a synopsis of the assistance we provide. You are welcome to see full details of architectural services:

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Concept To Planning

Planning design meeting

Our owner and our architect will visit your home, or potential site. Their aim is to understand your intentions and wishes, the build needs, how best to take them forward.

We are always clear about costs and will be on design fees. Once you agree these, a detailed survey will follow, the base for a concept design which reflects your thoughts.

Drawings and/or 3D views are prepared, often with alternative options for you to choose from, or merge. They will then be worked up to be submitted with a planning application.

Where their might be any concerns, our architect and other specialist team members provide guidance on planning, using their experience of working with local authorities.

Construction Drawings

New House Drawing

Once planning is approved, time for the finer details of construction drawings and structural calculations. This can take a few weeks and is again design led, with your input.

Completing these elements after planning consent makes sense. A requirement to reconsider and resubmit is not common but possible, so not going too far can save you cost.

When planning is assured, final drawings are created. Your views still count, on finishes, surfaces, colours, fittings, as much help as you need remains available.

Drawings will be notated for the construction team, to ensure accuracy. Preparation is made for the final level of submission to the local authority.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations drawing detail

Your construction drawings and associated notes are submitted to the local building regulations department, prior to commencement, a legal and important requirement.

Amongst other points, the regulations are there to ensure adequate and proper materials are used, that they are appropriate to the circumstances, the location and design.

We will work closely with you to ensure this is the case. That the specification meets practical as well as aesthetic needs and creates a safe building, our overriding consideration.

Homes are for life, so need to last, they are also for family, so must be entirely safe. Building regulations are a safeguard but quality of workmanship should lead the way.

Your Build

New Build CGI

With legal requirements met, the build team are fully briefed and construction can get under way. A critical and enjoyable part of a process, which began with design.

Materials arrive, the skills of masons, bricklayers, carpenters, tilers, or other craftsmen are in action. Yet what they achieve started with the idea in your mind.

We use the phrase building design because they are words which belong together. Our architect and our tradespeople share in creating homes for people to enjoy life in.

Whether a new part of your home, or a new home, watching the build take shape is fascinating, coming to the point where you move in more so. If we can help:

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