Sourcing Materials Locally
For value, quality and environmental support

Opportunity From Change

The last few years have seen a unique combination of events, Brexit, the Covid pandemic, the disruption they brought to services and particularly to supply chains.

This caused people in many industries to look at local sourcing options. A move which kept them going and made them wonder why they hadn’t done so without being pushed.

Partnerships were built which will outlast the issues that led to them. Communication with suppliers often improved, the timing of deliveries, project coordination.

Those partnerships may be with smaller, local companies, rather than international suppliers but the advantages became evident, to contractors and their customers.

A Supportive Option

A smaller business may not have the puchasing power of a global buyer but with the increased cost of long distance transport, their prices can end up being lower.

By localising supply, you also help the environment, emissions and energy are lower. Your local community benefits through supporting employment, perhaps creating jobs.

Local suppliers tend to be more reactive and cope well with sudden change. However well a building project is planned, an altered view can bring a need for prompt support.

Site visits from those who run a supply company give them increased understanding. An opportunity to talk with the end user, to physically see what is required.

A Direct Relationship

There is nothing wrong with sourcing items you prefer from the other end of the country, or another country. We happily deal with both and they can be ideal.

For a new build, or refurbishment, our clients should have an open choice. Unique items from any location can be part of this, or a national supplier they prefer.

All we ask is that the image of local suppliers as second rate is set aside. The skills and knowledge they bring to a project can help to bring a welcome result.

Dealing directly with them increases flexibility, control is maintained, with nothing lost in translation. You are dealing with people, rather than a remote source.

Our Use Of Local Supply

The image of our owner with the owner of Surrey Wood Products exemplifies cooperation. Both are devoted to providing the best hand crafted products to our customers.

Working with good craftsmen is a pleasure and we also have sound relationships with other local businesses. From glaziers, to flooring, kitchen, or bathroom suppliers.

We do not push them as a solution, you may wish to find your own local suppliers, at trade shows, or by recommendation. Our trust based suggestions are simply there to help.

Our architect will know most local suppliers personally and whether they can bring the outcome you want. That everyone contributes to your vision is the guiding rule.